Tim Householter

WNPF Annual Report

Each year the Washington National Park Fund releases their annual report to show off the amazing generosity people have. Last year was their biggest year to date in both donations received and money invested in the parks. Below is the culmination of all their hard work.


The previous WNPF annual reports were filled with uninspiring photography and crammed into as few pages as possible. For this report I wanted to rely on inspiring imagery of their parks and match it with a clean, easy to digest layout. I spread out the content over more pages and balanced pages that had lots of text with breathtaking photography.

Goals of the project
  • Keep the content well organized and easy to read
  • Deliver two files - One for digital applications and another for print
  • Bring a fresh perspective to 2016/17 annual report
  • Have the annual report be consistent with the current WNPF brand

Financial Sections

One of the challenges was to create graphs that showed off both revenue and expenses for the financial year. I didn’t want to use a legend because the revenue information had too many categories and it would be hard to read. By placing each category on a curved line it kept it organic and digestible.

These pie charts turned out to be a real bright spot in the finished project. They took a lot of time and plenty of iterations but in the end I’m thrilled with the outcome.


I was humbled by the experience of working with the Washington National Park Fund on this project. This was my first major project as a freelancer and I learned a ton about managing client expectations and communication. All in all I believe this project was successful and gave them a great piece of marketing material.


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