Tim Householter

Reininger Winery

Reininger Winery has been a staple of the Walla Walla Valley for six generations. Reininger's founder brought his love of the outdoors and knowledge of the land together to create a tasteful adventure in every glass.

The Problem

RReininger’s old site was in need of a refresh. It felt like any standard template that put their content in blocks which lacked personality. The images of their tasting room and bottles were cramped with little room to breathe which didn’t allow them to sell to a potential visitor an experience they could have.

Goals of the project
  • Tell the Reininger story in a thoughtful way
  • Keep Reininger a relevant brand in the Walla Walla Valley
  • Expand their customer base to attract new wine drinkers and fans alike
  • Maintain easy paths for buyers to purchase wine online


We started the process by trying to understand the current Reininger perception of their brand. Although wine was important it was characteristics of the terroir that made their story special. By bringing in a Topo background we added a subtle nod to geography. The colors picked are hard working and say “Salt of the Earth”. Although the site is dark we lite it up with optimistic imagery and lively typography.

Reininger style tile for the new site

Scroll through the home page

Expanded Nav with wine detail pages

About Walla Walla

This page features an editorial style layout that allowed users to explore what makes Walla Walla so special. By decorating small heading tags with thin tan lines gave each section its own starting point. This was a great way to break-up large blocks of text in a more digestible way.


This new direction for the Reininger brand was a huge step for them and was received with high praise. We were able meet the goals of the projects while expanding their brand.


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