Tim Householter

Fresh prespective for an established line of quality machines

A marketing piece to be used for years to come

The Robbins Company Small Boring Units (SBU) are an important piece of their company. Before this project, the look was all over the place and needed a fresh look. My task was to introduce new colors, typography, and layout while making sure the information was easy to read and understand. This work was done while an employee at Hansen Belyea.

Here is a close up of how I utilized supplied technical drawings of the machines to showcase their size and specifications. This also shows which type of ground this machine can bore through with a subtle call-out just above the technical rendering of the cutterhead.

Showing off Robbins Success

One major spread that needed to be included in the brochure was promoting the success of this machine. This story tells of a complicated crossing that required a lot of industry experience to ensure no major issues occurred. I created a full illustrated timeline that would quickly tell the story as well as project highlights. The owner of the project also had a great quote which needed to be put on full display. This spread helps sells potential clients on SBU capabilities.

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