Tim Householter

Just over the Cascade Mountains there is a strange landscape.

The landscape features steep canyon walls and is dotted with pristine lakes.

My mind starts making up stories of a time when large animals were the rulers of this land. They embraced the rugged landscape knowing they were safe from predators. There was plenty of food, water, and shelter to survive but few evolved to do so. Now, it's a place where people escape the lines of traffic and enjoy the refreshing silence.

A turnout to take it all in

Don't go too fast or you'll miss it

The perfect place to stop and grab a quick photo. It's incredible as you come over the top of the hill you're greeted with a view of the canyon below. There is a small turnout just after these two large canyon walls. From here you can see the entire valley in front of you. We stopped here and ate a quick lunch.

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